It doesn’t matter which side of the table you are on — interviewer or candidate — In my view there are four questions to make certain get asked/answered.

Question 1 – Does the candidate have the skills to do the job?

Question 2 – Will the candidate get along with the boss?

Question 3 – Will the candidate fit/get along with the natural work group of stakeholders?

Question 4 – Is the candidate someone who can be counted upon when times are tough?

Question 1 can be answered from the resume, in fact, if the required skills aren’t reflected on the resume, chances are you will be filtered out in the screening process.

Question 2 is a judgment call by the interviewer, and is usually determined through the interview process. Candidates should research and prepare for this question, and if it isn’t asked, should ask it of the interviewer – Do you think I’ll get along with the boss?

Question 3 is also a judgment call by the interviewer. Again, research and preparation is the key. Tailor answers to other questions to include how well you interact with team mates, next process customers, co-producers, suppliers and others.

Question 4 is one that can’t be effectively answered in the interview, no track record of a long-standing work relationship with the interviewer. The challenge for the candidate is to demonstrate how the candidate possesses this quality and has shown it in the past.

Include these questions in your interview arsenal. It will help structure an interview and leave you feeling like you’ve done your diligence.