Teamwork is a significant part of the work landscape. Being an effective team member is extremely important to the success of the organization as well as your personal success.

How do organizations recognize this and turn it into a competitive advantage, leveraging the human resources into something greater than any single individual?

Is it part of the organizational on-boarding? Are there training courses we send our employees to? Is it written in as a part of the performance evaluation process? Or is it something that just “happens” organically by trial and error in most organizations?

Being trained as a team member and/or team leader, a team begins to recognize the stages of team formation and learns how to adjust during the forming, storming, norming and performing stages. These stages are normal and predictable.

Effective, high performing teams just don’t happen. They are carefully put together units that are trained to work together. It’s not something you can just demand and expect out of people, an investment must be made.

Are you prepared to make that investment?