This article focuses on three tips for conducting your job search: Time, Discipline and Accountability.

Time: Is your full time job looking for a full time job, or can you only devote a few hours a week to your search? Whatever the answer is for you, understand the amount of time you can spend on your search so you can use it most effectively. Identify those job search tasks that are the most important, and schedule appointments with yourself to complete them.

Discipline: Make your job search to-do list into a must-do-today list. Put items on the list that you will accomplish before you end your efforts for the day. Keep a journal of your job activity. If your full time job is looking for a job, then you will have more activity than most of us can keep in our heads. If you only have a few hours spread across the week, the journal will help you refocus when you pick your search activities back up.

Accountability: Have one or more people/groups to be mutually accountable to. Part of your search efforts are to help others – job leads, search ideas, resume reviews, networking connections. Having someone or some group to present your progress helps generate your motivation and their interest.

Time, Discipline, Accountability. Three tips to make your job search go faster.