The trends tell it all – more and more organizations are using social media to post job openings, source & filter candidates and conduct in-depth research into candidate backgrounds. Here are a few tips for using social media to enhance your job search. Crafting your online persona to align with your job search is critical in helping organizations discover your availability, message and value.

In my view, here are the must-use sites:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

I suggest using LinkedIn as your anchor site, and fill out your profile as completely as possible. Point all of your other online profiles to Linked In. Ask specific people in your network to provide recommendations. Join groups that will connect you to people in your target industries and target companies. Participate in group discussions to enhance your visibility. Update your profile often so your network will get your posts and you will stay top-of-mind.

Twitter is the fastest growing channel of job postings, and contains better leads than the traditional job boards. You can also tweet your resume and availability to streams where hiring managers and recruiters have visibility and search capability. Fill out your Twitter profile and include the link to your LinkedIn profile.

Fill out your Facebook profile and include the link to your LinkedIn profile. Facebook has a very large user base, and is used by organizations to identify and research candidates. If you use Facebook for other than professional activities, be aware that anything you post here is discoverable by potential employers – so be careful what you post and participate in.

Using these sites to build your online brand will improve your “findability” and help move your job search forward.