Many good ideas are spawned each and every day by intelligent, caring people.

When those ideas are shared with people in the ideator’s inner circle, the expression is easy and the pathway to acceptance is fairly straightforward. After all, there is a high-degree of familiarity and trust already established.

If you don’t have that high-level of familiarity and trust established, the expression needs to be more formal and organized as the pathway to acceptance is not as straightforward.

Here is an outline you can use to help build your case:

  • Title – Proposal to implement [your idea]
  • Value Proposition – Describe the unique good stuff your idea brings
  • Executive Overview – 50,000 foot description of the scope of the main idea
  • Business Strategy – Describe how the business would implement the idea
  • Technical Strategy -Describe the technology needed to implement the idea
  • Value to Organization -Describe what the benefits are to the organization, there is likely more than one
  • Value to Customer -Describe the value to the customer (user) of the idea, there is likely more than one
  • Needed Resources – Describe what is needed to launch & support the idea
  • Next Steps – Describe the next steps in moving the idea forward, tell ’em what you want.

I hope you find this helpful in bringing your ideas to fruition.