We have the responsibility of growing our own careers.
Career growth comes primarily from acquiring and applying new knowledge, and from getting unfiltered feedback from trusted mentors. In following these precepts, I’ve built the Pathways Methodology to guide those people who are ready for a structured, yet pliable approach to professional growth. It takes time and effort focused through disciplined practice to achieve the best results.
So what is Pathways?
  • Pathways is an augmentation approach to mentoring and professional development.
  • Pathways is designed to add new and/or strengthen existing skill sets for the Pathways Seeker.
  • Pathways provides a blended focus in alignment with the Seeker’s needs: Operational, Tactical and/or Strategic.
  • Pathways assumes the Seeker already has core competencies in one or more technical/professional disciplines.
  • Seeker’s needs are determined by an assessment.

Pathways starts with a core set of topics to build a common understanding. This common understanding acts as a framework from which to approach the rest of the professional development topics. The Professional Development topics are broken out into seven tracks.

The Core Topics include:

  • The Business of Paradigms, Discovering The Future – Dr. Joel Barker
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Dr. Stephen Covey
  • RESET – Applied Critical Thinking
  • The Pathways Framework
  • The Professional Development Assessment

The Seven Professional Development Streams are:

  • Communication, Negotiation and Teamwork
  • Creativity and Change
  • Psychology & Discipline
  • Math and Science Expanders
  • Supervisory, Management and Leadership Skills
  • TQM Skills
  • Leadership Dynamics

Additional Professional Development Streams will be developed, part of the Pathways Program is to have the participants help keep the Pathways Framework current by freshening current topics and streams and adding new ones.

New Streams currently under consideration are:

  • 2011 Job Search Guide

Please contact me for additional details.