I discovered this on the http://www.bridging-the-gap.com. The rest of the article is fantastic in terms of describing how a business analyst contributes to the organization. It is well worth the read. My hat is tipped to the author, Laura Brandenburg.

Out of chaos, we create order.

Out of disagreement, we create alignment.

Out of ambiguity, we create clarity.

But most of all, we create positive change for the organizations we serve.

For those of us that serve or have served in business analyst roles, this truly reflects what we attempt to do in our professional lives. For those that have not yet served in a business analyst role, this may help you understand the role and the intentions of the business analysts you interact with.

Many software projects fail due to a lack of order, lack of alignment, lack of clarity and lack of understanding the need for positive change.

It makes sense to me to provide as much support as possible for the business analysts, as they help create the environment needed for the rest of the roles on the project to be successful in their endeavors.