You’ve probably heard it many times, your resume is a marketing piece that reflects your personal brand.

So what does that mean? How can I check out what I’m really saying about myself with my resume?

Here’s one way I recommend that tells a compelling story.

First, do a word frequency count of your resume. You can find a number of word frequency count web pages through google. I personally like the simplicity of  Just pick the top 25 words.

Copy and paste the results into the advanced Wordle application at On the home page there is an Advanced tab, use the top box as the target for the paste operation.

Go though and edit your pasted text to include a colon between the word and the number, taking care to remove any extraneous spaces.

Combine any word pairs that were separated by the frequency counter, and eliminate the words that aren’t descriptive.

You may want to copy the revised contents of the box to a wordpad or notepad document, and then press the “GO” button on the wordle advanced page to generate a word cloud based on the frequency count of words on your resume.

Wordle: Resume

This is a  link to the example of the resume wordle.

The larger words in the word cloud are the words used most often. This is how you are describing yourself in your resume. This is the personal brand message you are sending out. Compare this to what you intend your personal brand message to be. Is it on target? Is it close? Is it off-base a little? Is it off-base a lot?

Does this Wordle represent a:

  1. Technical Project Manager
  2. Database Analyst
  3. Development Lead
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Quality Assurance Specialist

The answer is at the end of the article.

The people screening your resume and the hiring managers that are reading your resume are getting the message. Does your message match the solution to their hiring problem? If it does, you have a chance of making the cut. If it doesn’t, you likely don’t have a chance.

The next question is: Do you have more than one resume posted on the job boards and your social media profiles? If so, do they match? If they don’t, what mixed message are you sending?

The resume was submitted for a Senior Business Analyst position.