“What do you want to do?” is a question at the core of any job search. Many job seekers skip exploring this question. Seekers have many talents and can do multiple jobs. In the interest of appealing to the widest possible market to obtain the next job as quickly as possible, they write their resumes to be all things to all people. By taking this approach, the focus becomes less precise and the specific skills and roles that meet a job requirement get lost, you don’t get past the screening filters, and don’t get considered for a job that you are qualified for.

What do you want to do? What is your next professional objective? You next job should be your next immediate career step.

Start with your target job title. Is it the same as your last position? Is it a step up? Is it a lateral move into a different but related area? Is it a move to a different and unrelated area? Once you’ve settled on a target job title, make sure your job board profiles, social media profiles, resume and supporting collateral reflect your target job title.

Some other things to consider are:

Job Type

  • Permanent, full time
  • Permanent, part time
  • Seasonal, full time
  • Seasonal, part time
  • Temporary, full time
  • Temporary, part time
  • Contract
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Internship
  • Volunteer

Reporting Relationship

  • Individual Contributor
  • Manager of People
  • Consultant
  • Executive

In my view, exploring this question will better prepare you to narrow your focus in finding a job that meets your career interests.