In previous posts, we’ve explored the questions of “What do you want to do?” and “Who do you want to do it for?” Here we explore the question of “Where do you want to do it?”

Is relocation an option for you? For many, uprooting a family, selling a house, moving across the country simply isn’t feasible. Staying near to extended family and friends, social obligations and keeping the kids in the same schools with the same group of friends doesn’t fit with a relocation opportunity.

If relocation is an option, the job search can suddenly get wider. You may start out with no desire to relocate, but as family and financial circumstances change, relocation may jump back into the picture as an option.

In considering relocation, are there some places you simply won’t consider? Some won’t consider international assignments, some don’t like the West Coast, others aren’t interested in specific cities. So consider tiering the places into three categories: “Yes – Definitely Will Consider”, “Maybe – If the job is perfect” and “No – would not consider under any circumstances.”

Since you’ve selected target companies and target industries, it’s helpful to consider the location of the work sites of those companies. Do those target companies fit into the geographical or telecommuting profile that you are interested in? If not, you’ll need to reconsider either the target company or your willingness to relocate. If you want to work for Walmart as a corporate executive, you’d better be willing to relocate to Bentonville Arkansas.

If you are a local only job seeker, there are still some considerations to ponder. What kind of commuting are you willing to accept? Do your target companies fit within that radius? Are there certain parts of town you won’t work in or that are highly preferable?

One last point to think about in this post is the ability and willingness to travel? Are you open to it and how much? Traveling locally at home and sleeping in your own bed every night is very different from being a road warrior where you are out on Sunday night and back on Friday night. Traveling domestically is very different from traveling internationally.

In my view, it is wise to get familiar with your zone of comfort regarding “Where Do You Want To Do It?”, as it will help you in further refining your target companies and finding the job that fits you and your lifestyle.

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