In previous posts, I’ve written about the what, who, when, where and how in preparing for a job search. In this post, I explore the question “Why do you do it?”

The answer to the why question is the source of your motivational power. The motivation is what gets you over the hurdles and gives you the sustainability to persist over the long haul. A long job search is filled with uncertainty, ups and downs and at times can be frustrating. Knowing your “whys” are critically important in keeping up a positive outlook and making progress.

So, here are a few of the possibly whys:

  • I need the cash
  • I want to improve my standing in life
  • I want to take great care of my family
  • I want to be around smart people
  • I have a strong need to be social
  • I enjoy sharing my talents for a greater good
  • I want to be a part of something bigger

Knowing the whys that apply to you and your situation will help in identifying and qualifying opportunities. You may find a great job that is a perfect fit, but it’s far away and doesn’t pay as well as you would like. Do you pursue it?

You may find a job that is okay, something you can definitely do, but not in your preferred  job title. The pay is a little better than the last job, and it’s likely you’ll have to go through another job search to get to the next level. Do you pursue it?

Playing out different scenarios that you are likely to encounter and filtering them through your whys will help prepare you for a successful job search.

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