In this post, I explore the question “Who Are You?” from a job seekers perspective,

  • You have a personal brand. A personal brand is the promise you make to prospective employers.
  • You have (or should create) a personal mission statement. A personal mission statement is your constitution for governing yourself.
  • You have a professional identity. Your professional identify is how you represent your promise, your personal brand.
  • You have a source of passion. The passion is what sustains your motivation and discipline to achieve and accomplish.

Google yourself on the internet. Do the resulting links and content of those links tell the story you want a prospective employer to know?

My personal brand is “I solve problems through the disciplines of information technology.”

The short version of my personal mission statement is: “Maintain. Empower Myself. Empower Others. Balance.”
Here’s a link to my full personal mission statement.

My professional identity is a senior IT professional with competencies in Project Management, Software Development, Business Analysis, IT Management and Total Quality Management.

My passion is building and installing complex systems that provide the expected return on investment. I love to be where the action is when these systems go into production and start the return on investment.

When you have developed and are fully acquainted with these elements, then you know yourself deeply enough to ask for help and conduct an effective job search.

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