Your profile contains much of  summary information of your professional life. Some components may include a mission statement, a brief biography, selected job history, recommendations, demographic data and others. Different sites capture different attributes, however much of it is the same information.

Your social media profile on LinkedIn is a great place to start, and to consider as your profile system-of-record. Any other profiles you create on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or any company websites or job boards should have a reference back to LinkedIn and should align and agree with the LinkedIn content.

The combination of all of your profiles is a major part of your online identity. As a job seeker, it is important to keep all of this information synchronized and updated, making you easy for those in the sourcing and research functions to find you.

Those involved in the hiring process will search you out, and any inconsistencies can engage a filtering process and remove you from consideration.

Here are my profile links to use as an example:





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