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In this post, I write about the Resources, specifically the computer and smart phone resources, used in a job search.

Computers are powerful, flexible tools, and can do a lot for us. They connect us to each other through a variety of tools: email and social media, for example. They also connect us to job leads – job boards and recruiters, for example. They give the the electronic artifacts and tools to create our calendars and resumes, send us reminders of things to do, and allow us to research companies, industries and people.

Smartphones help keep us connected while we are on the go. As they become more and more powerful, the lines between the Computer and the Smartphone are blurring. The smaller screens and the lack of an effective keyboard & pointer make heavy use of a Smartphone for building and editing documents problematic.

They can also be confusing, organizing and executing a job search with a computer can be complex and puzzling for job seekers with limited personal computer skills. Here are a few suggestions to set up and use the computer to help you.

If you don’t own a laptop or tablet (Ipad or equivalent), it’s probably worth the few hundred dollar investment to get one.  When you do invest in one, make certain you have wireless capability, enough memory and disk space, and a fast enough processor to do the work you need to do.

Whatever browser you choose, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari – use the favorites and the home page options to your advantage. With today’s browsers, you can set up multiple home pages, so set up those multiple home pages to assist your job search.

Good pages to set up favorites and/or put in your home page list:

  • email, if you use a browser based system such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail.
  • The unemployment site for your state
  • Your Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and/or Google +.
  • Selected Job Boards such as Monster, Career Builder, Dice.
  • Industry Association sites for your target industries
  • Specialty sites for your professional interests (PMI, IIBA, IEEE, etc)
  • Company websites for your target companies
  • Tool sites (Word Frequency Counter, Wordle, etc)

These sites are now available at the push of a button, and you’ll be more efficient in having these elements at your fingertips.

Also, you’ll want these other items at the ready on your computer:

  • Other communication tools (Instant Messengers, Skype, Outlook)
  • Your Resume
  • Your Job Log
  • Your Calendar

On your selected Job Boards, you will want to create search agents that filter and screen for jobs that meet your criteria and interests. These search agents can be run automatically and send you notifications or summaries of job matches.

On Twitter, you can sign up for tweets related to job postings in areas of your interests.

I also suggest getting a thumb drive, and keeping a copy of all of your artifacts and tools with you, so if you should find yourself without access to your laptop but able to get to another computer, you can still respond to job events.

Your smart phone can do many of the same things your computer can, so spend some time learning about how your smart phone can leverage your job search. Most smart phones have text, email, document reading, document storage, social media and other connections that can be synchronized with your computer. Many smart phones can also be used as a hotspot to tether your laptop and give you connectivity anywhere you have cellphone service.

Acquiring and configuring the computer and smart phone resources is an investment that will pay off in keeping the momentum going to support your job search.

Artifacts Page

Job Search Table Of Contents