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Your 2 minute drill is your networking introduction speech. When networking, have your business cards at the ready.  Here is a sample structure for a two minute drill:

ž  Your networking introduction speech

ž  Have business cards at the ready

ž  I am … (here’s my card)

ž  I do … (job titles)

ž  I’ve done … (job titles, gee whiz #’s for organizations)

ž  My differentiating strengths are … (no more than 3)

ž  I’m looking for …

ž  My targets are …

ž  You can help me by … (choose all that apply)

—  Job leads

—  Network contacts

—  Artifact review & feedback

—  Suggest areas to investigate

—  Other

ž  How can I help you? (get their card)


Here is my two-minute drill:

ž  Hello, I’m Gerry Mann, here’s my card.

ž  I am in Information Technology Leadership and Management.

ž  I’m an VP, IT or Director IT.

ž   I have competencies in Project Management, Business Analysis, Total Quality Management, IT Management, Software Development and Quality Assurance.

ž   I’ve performed in management roles as well as individual contributor roles in all of these functions for American Airlines, Bank of America,  AT&T, UniTrin Business Insurance and other Fortune 100 companies.

ž  My differentiating strengths are solving complex problems, working with diverse teams and communicating across all levels of the organization.

ž  I’m looking for a VP/Director level position in an area that uses a large portion of my skills and talents in the Airline, The Green Energy/Environment, Healthcare Industry or Financial Services Industries.

ž  My targets are: Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Safety-Kleen, United Health Care and Chase.
ž  You can help me by introducing me to network contacts that work or have recently worked at any of the target companies or in the industries. I’d also like another set of eyes to review my resume.

ž  How can I help you? Do you have a card?


Practice your two-minute drill with your network support groups and in front of a mirror. You want to be able to deliver it in a natural, confident manner. I feel that it is not so important to deliver a speech word for word, but to be able to deliver it  conversationally, and be able to adapt it as appropriate to the audience.

Your two minute drill is a key job tool in asking for help from your network. Make certain your request for help is specific and focused. An unfocused plea for help will not get you the results you are expecting.

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