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Your 30 second drill is your impromptu elevator speech, and is a shortened version of the 2 minute drill.  It’s useful for networking in those spur-of-the-moment, unexpected opportunities.  Many times in an impromptu situations, 30 seconds is all you will have to deliver your message, a practiced 30 second drill will help you make the most of those 30 seconds.

ž  Your networking short introduction speech

ž  Practice it until it is second nature
(30 second nature)

ž  Useful in impromptu situations

ž  I am …

ž  I do …

ž  I’ve done …

ž  My differentiating strengths are … (no more than 3)

ž  My targets are …

ž  Give a card if appropriate (you keep a couple in your wallet/purse).

Here is my sample 30 second drill:

ž  Hello, I’m Gerry Mann

ž  I am in Information Technology Leadership and Management, as a VP, IT or Director IT.

ž   I do Project Management, Business Analysis, Total Quality Management, IT Management, Software Development and Quality Assurance for Fortune 100 companies.

ž  My differentiating strengths are solving complex problems, working with diverse teams and communicating across all levels of the organization.

ž  My targets are: Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Safety-Kleen, United Health Care and Chase.

If it is appropriate, at the end of the 30 second drill you can ask for help.

Besides the time difference, the 30-second drill is different than the two-minute drill in that the two-minute drill is designed specifically for networking events where the one-on-one exchange of two minute drills happens many times successively. The goal being to find out about people and grow your network. The 30-second drill is more oriented toward impromptu circumstances and is designed to raise awareness in a limited time period. It may or may not result in a networking opportunity and it does give you the change to get your message out through a channel that did not exist before.

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