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The Job Log is your data collection/tracking mechanism for your job search. It will help you track your contacts (useful for unemployment reporting) and manage your calendar and task list.

It is, in a sense, your journal or diary of activity structured around your target industries and target companies, with a section for targets of opportunity.

The Job Log serves as your external memory. Once you start working on multiple leads in multiple stages of progress, it becomes difficult to remember where you are, especially during high periods of activity. Keeping good notes and tracking follow-ups and action items in a central location makes it easier to switch gears, and to prevent tasks from falling out of sight. Missing a follow-up or an appointment can cost you an opportunity – so using a job log can help you keep that from happening.

This record of contacts is also helpful in filing a claim for your unemployment benefits. Many states require a certain number of job related contacts per week be reported during the filing process.

I prefer an Excel Spreadsheet for constructing a job log. It’s easy to add, delete and hide rows of information.

Here are some of the features:

ž  Your Name and Title

ž  Your Brand, 30-second outline

ž  Your Target Industries

ž  Your Target Companies within the Target Industries

ž  Log Entries for each contact with Target Companies and notes for next steps

ž  Similar Section for Opportunity Companies


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