Pathways is an augmentation approach to mentoring and professional development. I’ve built Pathways as a collection of some of my best learning over the course of my career with the intent to share it with others. I’ve read a lot of  books, attended numerous professional development courses, seminars and networking groups. The content of Pathways is my attempt to select the best of those experiences and package them into bite-size pieces for busy professionals to consume.

I personally use this material in efforts to build high-performing teams and to provide a robust tool kit of skills I believe are needed to be a proficient, competent, well-rounded manager/leader in an organizational environment.

Pathways is focused on the needs of the individual attempting to master these skills. It is designed to add new skills and/or strengthen existing skills. These needs are identified through a self-assessment after completing the Pathways CORE learning elements.

Pathways assumes that the individual already has core competencies in one or more technical/professional disciplines. The content delivery is oriented toward mature adult learning through individual or small group mentoring sessions.