Welcome to the Professional Development section of my blog.

The Professional Development section is a framework for mentoring and professional development based on my career lessons learned.

I’ve developed a framework called Pathways that can be used for personal and professional development.

The Pathways framework has a set of core learning activities everyone in an organization should know as a starting point to build a common language and common culture.

Pathways is an augmentation approach to mentoring and professional development.

It is designed to add new and/or strengthen existing knowledge, skills and tools, allowing the Pathways seeker to be a stronger contributor in their personal and professional endeavors.

This site is intended to help facilitate the Pathways framework by:

  • Outlining the pathways framework to develop a common understanding
  • Identify the resources and learning activities within the framework
  • Define the process for using the framework for developmental activities
  • Help the framework evolve and help the content expand and stay fresh

Pathways Table Of Contents